Tree Reports

Description of Service

Tree reports are professional advice on paper as to what state the tree(s) are in with a recommendation of work which should be performed to ensure the tree is in a safe and stable state.

On occasions the reports may come back that the tree is in perfect health and no work is needed. If this is the case then a time period is often given for a revisit in years to come to reassess and ensure the tree is not declining in any way.

A tree audit is all about making sure your trees are safe. This is especially important in highly populated areas.

Our expert consultants will come and view the tree. They will be looking out for any potential hazards and points of failure and will largely not be judging for visual aesthetics unless asked to do so. This is really about safety.

We’re looking for anything in the tree that has the potential to fail, such as a diseases or dead limbs.

We’ll record all our findings down and pass that information on to you to act on.

The company has a standard rate which is charged for reports on an individual tree. If more than one tree is needing a report then an extra charge per tree will be added. The report will be sent via email and a paper copy will be sent via post.

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